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2023Accelerating computations in two-stage Bayesian system identification with Fisher information matrix and eigenvalue sensitivityZhu, Jia-Xin; Zhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui
2020Achievable precision of close modes in operational modal analysis : wide band theoryAu, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin; Brownjohn, James M. W.
2021Asymptotic identification uncertainty of well-separated modes in operational modal analysis with multiple setupsXie, Yan-Long; Au, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin
2020Bayesian data driven model for uncertain modal properties identified from operational modal analysisZhu, Yi-Chen; Au, Siu-Kui
2023Bayesian dynamic programming approach for tracking time-varying model properties in SHMYang, Yanping; Zhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui
2019Bayesian modal identification method based on general coherence model for asynchronous ambient dataZhu, Yi-Chen; Au, Siu-Kui
2019Bayesian operational modal analysis of offshore rock lighthouses : close modes, alignment, symmetry and uncertaintyBrownjohn, James Mark William; Raby, Alison; Au, Siu-Kui; Zhu, Zuo; Wang, Xinrui; Antonini, Alessandro; Pappas, Athanasios; D'Ayala, Dina
2023Bayesian operational modal analysis of structures with tuned mass damperWang, Xinrui; Zhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui
2021Bayesian operational modal analysis with multiple setups and multiple (possibly close) modesZhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin; Xie, Yan-Long
2019An expectation-maximization algorithm for Bayesian operational modal analysis with multiple (possibly close) modesLi, Binbin; Au, Siu-Kui
2022Fast computation of uncertainty lower bounds for state-space model-based operational modal analysisShi, Yuanfeng; Li, Binbin; Au, Siu-Kui
2022Field measurement and wind tunnel experimental investigation of a supertall building with closely spaced modes under typhoon MangkhutPan, Haoran; Au, Siu-Kui; Fu, Jiyang; Xu, An; He, Yuncheng
2022Identifying modal properties of trees with Bayesian inferenceBurcham, Daniel C.; Au, Siu-Kui
2022Measuring configuration of multi-setup ambient vibration testLi, Binbin; Xie, Yan-Long; Au, Siu-Kui
2023Treatment and effect of noise modelling in Bayesian operational modal analysisMa, Xinda; Zhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui
2020Two-stage Bayesian system identification using Gaussian discrepancy modelZhang, Feng-Liang; Au, Siu-Kui; Ni, Yan-Chun
2022Uncertainty quantification in Bayesian operational modal analysis with multiple modes and multiple setupsZhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui
2021Understanding and managing identification uncertainty of close modes in operational modal analysisAu, Siu-Kui; Brownjohn, James M. W.; Li, Binbin; Raby, Alison