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2013Apoptosis in capillary endothelial cells in ageing skeletal muscleWang, Huijuan; Listrat, Anne; Meunier, Bruno; Gueugneau, Marine; Coudy-Gandilhon, Cécile; Combaret, Lydie; Taillandier, Daniel; Polge, Cécile; Attaix, Didier; Lethias, Claire; Lee, Kijoon; Goh, Kheng Lim; Béchet, Daniel
 2012Bimodal collagen fibril diameter distributions direct age-related variations in tendon resilience and resistance to ruptureHolmes, D. F.; Lu, Y.; Purslow, P. P.; Goh, K. L.; Kadler, K. E.; Wess, T. J.; Béchet, Daniel