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2012Domain-related origin of magnetic relaxation in compressively strained manganite thin filmsMiao, B. F.; Lin, W.; Hu, W.; David, A.; Ding, H. F.; Wu, T.; Bakaul, Saidur Rahman
2012Engineering magnetic domains in manganite thin films by laser interferenceLin, W.; Bakaul, Saidur Rahman; Tom, Wu
2012Intrinsic domain-wall resistivity in half-metallic manganite thin filmsBakaul, Saidur Rahman; Wu, Tom; Hu, W.; Kimura, T.
 2012Robust room-temperature ferromagnetism with giant anisotropy in Nd-doped ZnO nanowire arraysWang, Dandan; Chen, Qian; Xing, Guozhong; Yi, Jiabao; Bakaul, Saidur Rahman; Ding, Jun; Wang, Jinlan; Wu, Tom
 2012Seeded growth of two-dimensional dendritic gold nanostructuresPan, Ming; Sun, Hang; Lim, Jun Wei; Bakaul, Saidur Rahman; Zeng, Yi; Xing, Shuangxi; Wu, Tom; Yan, Qingyu; Chen, Hongyu