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2019Asymmetric nucleophilic substitutions to construct all-carbon quaternary stereocenters under PTC conditionsBan, Xu
 2014Catalytic enantioselective alkylation of sulfenate anions to chiral heterocyclic sulfoxides using halogenated pentanidium saltsZong, Lili; Ban, Xu; Kee, Choon Wee; Tan, Choon-Hong
 2022Direct Sₙ2 or Sₙ2X manifold─mechanistic study of ion-pair-catalyzed carbon(sp³)-carbon(sp³) bond formationLee, Richmond; Chao, Chi Bong Eric; Ban, Xu; Tan, Siu Min; Yu, Haibo; Hyland, Christopher J. T.; Tan, Choon-Hong