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2014Giant Goos–Hänchen shift in scattering : the role of interfering localized plasmon modesGhosh, N.; Soni, J.; Mansha, S.; Dutta Gupta, S.; Banerjee, A.
2011History-dependent nucleation and growth of the martensitic phase in the magnetic shape memory alloy Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Dash, S.; Kumar, Kranti; Lakhani, Archana; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2011Tuning the austenite and martensite phase fraction in ferromagnetic shape memory alloy ribbons of Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Lakhani, Archana; Dash, S.; Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.