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 2016A combinatorial assessment of AlxCrCuFeNi2 (0 < x < 1.5) complex concentrated alloys: Microstructure, microhardness, and magnetic propertiesBorkar, T.; Gwalani, B.; Choudhuri, D.; Mikler, C. V.; Yannetta, C. J.; Chen, Xiaodong; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan; Styles, M. J.; Gibson, M. A.; Banerjee, R.
2020Coupling between exciton-polariton corner modes through edge statesBanerjee, R.; Mandal, S.; Liew, T. C. H.
2018Influence of Cr substitution and temperature on hierarchical phase decomposition in the AlCoFeNi high entropy alloyRamanujan, Raju V.; Banerjee, R.; Chaudhary, Varun; Gwalani, B.; Soni, V.
2021Interaction-induced double-sided skin effect in an exciton-polariton systemXu, Xingran; Xu, Huawen; Mandal, S.; Banerjee, R.; Ghosh, Sanjib; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2019One-way reflection-free exciton-polariton spin-filtering channelMandal, S.; Banerjee, R.; Liew, T. C. H.
2021Optically induced topological spin-valley Hall effect for exciton polaritonsBanerjee, R.; Mandal, S.; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin