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2021A constant pool of Lgr5+ intestinal stem cells is required for intestinal homeostasisTan, Si Hui; Phuah, Phyllis; Tan, Liang Thing; Yada, Swathi; Goh, Jasmine; Tomaz, Lucian B.; Chua, Magdalene; Wong, Esther; Lee, Bernett; Barker, Nick
2019A contemporary snapshot of intestinal stem cells and their regulationSeishima, Ryo; Barker, Nick
2020Lgr5 marks adult progenitor cells contributing to skeletal muscle regeneration and sarcoma formationLeung, Carly; Katzrin Bte Ahmad Murad; Tan, Adelyn Liang Thing; Yada, Swathi; Sagiraju, Sowmya; Bode, Peter Karl; Barker, Nick