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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Allylation reactions of N,O-heterocyclesBates, Roderick Wayland; Tang, Chi H.; Tan, Yuting.; Siti Nurhayati Buang.
2020Antituberculosis activity of the antimalaria cytochrome bcc oxidase inhibitor SCR0911Chong, Sherilyn Shi Min; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Sarathy, Jickky Palmae; Williams, Zoe C.; Harold, Liam K.; Cook, Gregory M.; Dick, Thomas; Pethe, Kevin; Bates, Roderick Wayland; Grüber, Gerhard
2020Asperidine B : total synthesis and structure correctionWaddell, Lachlan J. N.; Watts, Olivia F. B.; Saetang, Praphatsorn; Rukachaisirikul, Vatcharin; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2019Disrupting coupling within mycobacterial F-ATP synthases subunit ε causes dysregulated energy production and cell wall biosynthesisSaw, Wuan-Geok; Wu, Mu-Lu; Ragunathan, Priya; Biuković, Goran; Lau, Aik-Meng; Shin, Joon; Harikishore, Amaravadhi; Cheung, Chen-Yi; Hards, Kiel; Sarathy, Jickky Palmae; Bates, Roderick Wayland; Cook, Gregory M.; Dick, Thomas; Grüber, Gerhard
2020The endo-aza-Michael addition in the synthesis of piperidines and pyrrolidinesBates, Roderick Wayland; Ko, Weiting; Barát, Viktor
 2013Flow chemistry syntheses of styrenes, unsymmetrical stilbenes and branched aldehydesBourne, Samuel L.; O'Brien, Matthew; Kasinathan, Sivarajan; Koos, Peter; Tolstoy, Päivi; Hu, Dennis X.; Bates, Roderick Wayland; Martin, Benjamin; Schenkel, Berthold; Ley, Steven V.
2019How an early or late transition state impacts the stereoselectivity of tetrahydropyran formation by intramolecular oxa-Michael additionCsókás, Dániel; Ho, Annabel Xuan Ying; Ramabhadran, Raghunath O.; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2018Platinum-catalysed ring-opening isomerisation of piperidine cyclopropanesBarát, Viktor; Kasinathan, Sivarajan; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2017Scandium as a pre-catalyst for the deoxygenative allylation of benzylic alcoholsŠolić, Ivan; Seankongsuk, Pattarakiat; Loh, Joanna Kejun; Vilaivan, Tirayut; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2019Stereocontrol in the synthesis of cyclic amino acids : a new ligand for directed hydrogenation through hydrogen bondingGandi, Vasudeva Rao; Doan, Bao Nguyen Do; Kasinathan, Sivarajan; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2018Studies on the synthesis of the lasubine alkaloidsSimon, Oliver; Nur Filza Mohamed Aslam; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2018Synthesis of (−)-cytisine using a 6-endo aza-Michael additionBarát, Viktor; Csókás, Dániel; Bates, Roderick Wayland
 2015Synthesis of (−)-deoxynupharidine by allenic hydroxylamine cyclisationBates, Roderick Wayland; Lim, Chia Juan; Collier, Steven J.; Sukumaran, Joly
2014A synthesis of 5-hydroxysedamine using hydroformylationBates, Roderick Wayland; Nur Filza Mohamed Aslam; Tang, Chi H.; Simon, Oliver
2017Synthesis of allahabadolactone AWang, Kongchen; Bates, Roderick Wayland
 2013Synthesis of azimic acid using hydroformylationBates, Roderick Wayland; Kasinathan, Sivarajan
2014A synthesis of cyanolide A by intramolecular oxa-Michael additionBates, Roderick Wayland; Lek, Tee Guan
2020Synthesis of the proposed structure of afzeliindanoneRita; Mohamed Husaini Abdul Rahman; Chong, Sherilyn Shi Min; Bates, Roderick Wayland
2017Synthesis of the sedum and related alkaloids : a personal perspectiveBates, Roderick Wayland
 2014Synthesis of the tetrahydropyran fragment of bistramide DBates, Roderick Wayland; Li, Lu; Palani, Kalpana; Phetsang, Wanida; Loh, Joanna Kejun