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2019Deuterated polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce oxidative stress and extend the lifespan of C. elegansBeaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Wang, Lei; Smarun, Alexey V.; Vidović, Dragoslav; Shchepinov, Mikhail S.; Thibault, Guillaume
2018Lipid bilayer stress-activated IRE-1 modulates autophagy during endoplasmic reticulum stressKoh, Jhee Hong; Wang, Lei; Beaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Thibault, Guillaume
2022The unfolded protein response reverses the effects of glucose on lifespan in chemically-sterilized C. elegansBeaudoin-Chabot, Caroline; Wang, Lei; Celik, Cenk; Aishah Tul-Firdaus Abdul Khalid; Thalappilly, Subhash; Xu, Shiyi; Koh, Jhee Hong; Lim, Venus Wen Xuan; Low, Ann Don; Thibault, Guillaume