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2019Durable waterborne hydrophobic bio-epoxy coating with improved anti-icing and self-cleaning performanceZheng, Shunli; Bellido-Aguilar, Daniel Angel; Wu, Xinghua; Zhan, Xuejun; Huang, Yinjuan; Zeng, Xianting; Zhang, Qichun; Chen, Zhong
2019Effect of a fluoroalkyl-functional curing agent on the wettability, thermal and mechanical properties of hydrophobic biobased epoxy coatingsBellido-Aguilar, Daniel Angel; Zheng, Shunli; Zhan, Xuejun; Huang, Yinjuan; Zhao, Xin; Zeng, Xianting; Pallathadka, Pramoda K.; Zhang, Qichun; Chen, Zhong
2019Mechanically robust hydrophobic bio-based epoxy coatings for anti-corrosion applicationZheng, Shunli; Bellido-Aguilar, Daniel Angel; Huang, Yinjuan; Zeng, Xianting; Zhang, Qichun; Chen, Zhong
2018Transparent icephobic coatings using bio-based epoxy resinWu, Xinghua; Zheng, Shunli; Silberschmidt, Vadim V.; Chen, Zhong; Bellido-Aguilar, Daniel Angel