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2018Adaptive filtering scheme for a Low-Capacitance StatComRodriguez, Ezequiel; Beniwal, Neha; Farivar, Glen; Townsend, Christopher D.; Vazquez, Sergio; Pou, Josep
2019Balancing average capacitor voltages in neutral-point-clamped converters using band-limited three-level modulationBeniwal, Neha; Townsend, Christopher D.; Farivar, Glen; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador
2020Band-limited three-level modulation for balancing capacitor voltages in neutral-point-clamped convertersBeniwal, Neha; Townsend, Christopher David; Farivar, Glen Ghias; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein
2020Closed-loop analytic filtering scheme of capacitor voltage ripple in multilevel cascaded H-bridge convertersRodriguez, Ezequiel Ramos; Farivar, Glen Ghias; Beniwal, Neha; Townsend, Christopher David; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein; Vazquez, Sergio; Pou, Josep
2021A control strategy for dual-input neutral-point-clamped inverter-based grid-connected photovoltaic systemBeniwal, Neha; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein; Farivar, Glen Ghias; Ceballos, Salvador; Pou, Josep; Blaabjerg, Frede
2021A dual-mode modulation technique for controlling the average neutral point current in neutral-point-clamped convertersBeniwal, Neha; Farivar, Glen Ghias; Tafti, Hossein Dehghani; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador; Konstantinou, Georgios; Townsend, Christopher D.
2018Enhancing the natural voltage balancing capability of neutral-point-clamped converters under carrier-based pulsewidth modulationBeniwal, Neha; Pou, Josep; Townsend, Christopher D.; Ceballos, Salvador
2020Feedforward modulation for the neutral-point-clamped converter with confined capacitor voltage ripples and reduced switching power lossesBeniwal, Neha; Pou, Josep; Ceballos, Salvador; Townsend, Christopher D.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Dehghani Tafti, Hossein; Farivar, Glen G.