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2019Animation of two-dimensional pictorial works into multipurpose three-dimensional objects. The atlas of the ships of the known world depicted in the 1460 Fra Mauro's mappa mundi as a showcaseNanetti, Andrea; Benvenuti, Davide
2017Art-directed watercolor stylization of 3D animations in real-timeMontesdeoca, Santiago E.; Seah, Hock Soon; Rall, Hans-Martin; Benvenuti, Davide
2021Crafting the next generation of web-based learning tools for manuscript artefacts in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A focus on science, technology, and engineering codices, world maps, and archival documents in exhibition settingsNanetti, Andrea; Radzi, Zaqeer; Benvenuti, Davide
2017Edge- and substrate-based effects for watercolor stylizationMontesdeoca, Santiago E.; Seah, Hock Soon; Bénard, Pierre; Vergne, Romain; Thollot, Joëlle; Rall, Hans-Martin; Benvenuti, Davide
2021La scenografia per l'animazione fra stile e architetturaBenvenuti, Davide
2018MNPR : a framework for real-time expressive non-photorealistic rendering of 3D computer graphicsMontesdeoca, Santiago E.; Seah, Hock Soon; Semmo, Amir; Bénard, Pierre; Vergne, Romain; Thollot, Joëlle; Benvenuti, Davide
2020Ronald Searle and the Christmas Carol: between animation design and illustration, a storyBenvenuti, Davide; Albers, Kathrine