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 2011Bimodal weibull distribution of metal/high-κ gate stack TDDB-insights by scanning tunneling microscopyYew, K. S.; Bersuker, G.; Ang, Diing Shenp
2013Electron trap transformation under positive-bias temperature stressingGao, Yuan; Ang, Diing Shenp; Bersuker, G.; Young, C. D.
 2012Evidence for the transformation of switching hole traps into permanent bulk traps under negative-bias temperature stressing of high-k P-MOSFETsGao, Yuan; Ang, Diing Shenp; Young, C. D.; Bersuker, G.
2015White-light-induced disruption of nanoscale conducting filament in hafniaZhang, H. Z.; Bersuker, G.; Zhou, Y.; Yew, Kwang Sing; Ang, Diing Shenp; Kawashima, Tomohito; Bera, Milan Kumar