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 2014Engineering a vascular endothelial growth factor 165-binding heparan sulfate for vascular therapyWang, Chunming; Poon, Selina; Murali, Sadasivam; Koo, Chuay-Yeng; Bell, Tracey J.; Hinkley, Simon F.; Yeong, Huiqing; Bhakoo, Kishore; Nurcombe, Victor; Cool, Simon M.
 2019A heparan sulfate device for the regeneration of osteochondral defectsLee, Jonathan H.; Luo, Xiaoman; Ren, Xiafei; Tan, Tuan Chun; Smith, Raymond A. A.; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Sekar, Sakthivel; Bhakoo, Kishore; Nurcombe, Victor; Hui, James H.; Cool, Simon M.
2018Non-invasive multimodality imaging directly shows TRPM4 inhibition ameliorates stroke reperfusion injuryChen, Bo; Ng, Gandi; Gao, Yahui; Low, See Wee; Sandanaraj, Edwin; Ramasamy, Boominathan; Sekar, Sakthivel; Bhakoo, Kishore; Soong, Tuck Wah; Nilius, Bernd; Tang, Carol; Robins, Edward G.; Goggi, Julian; Liao, Ping