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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Airborne SAR Moving Target Signatures and Imagery Based on LVDYang, Lei; Bi, Guoan; Xing, Mengdao; Zhang, Liren
1999Antenna diversity reception with correlated Rayleigh fading signalsFang, Li Quan
2014An autofocus technique for high-resolution inverse synthetic aperture radar imageryZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Yang, Lei; Bi, Guoan
2001Channel estimation and multiuser detection for CDMA wireless communication systemZhang, Yanrong.
 2012Detector for tonals with harmonicsWang, Lu; Bi, Guoan; Wang, Chunru
2017Direction of Arrival Estimation for MIMO Radar via Unitary Nuclear Norm MinimizationWang, Xianpeng; Huang, Mengxing; Wu, Xiaoqin; Bi, Guoan
1996An efficient multirate FDM demultiplexerXiang, Weiguan
2013Enhanced ISAR imaging by exploiting the continuity of the target sceneZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan; Wan, Chunru; Yang, Lei
2001Fast algorithm and implementation of discrete cosine transformTan, Teng Chork.
 2012FFT-based sampling rate conversionBi, Guoan; Mitra, Sanjit K.
2000Framework for multimedia transmission in integrated wireless CDMA systemsZhang, Chun
2001GPS payload for attitude determination of LEO micro-satelliteTeo, Mui Siang.
2015Ground moving target imaging by synthetic aperture radar based on an unified framework of keystone transformationYang, Lei; Zhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan
 2012A hierarchical game theoretic framework for cognitive radio networksNiyato, Dusit; Bi, Guoan; Xiao, Yong; DaSilva, Luiz A.
 2012The higher-order reassigned local polynomial periodogram and its propertiesLi, Xiumei; Bi, Guoan; Li, Gang
 2013An improved auto-calibration algorithm based on sparse Bayesian learning frameworkZhao, Lifan; Bi, Guoan; Wang, Lu; Zhang, Haijian
2013Joint optimization of sensing threshold and transmission power in wideband cognitive radio with energy detectionLiu, Xin; Bi, Guoan; Jia, Min; Guan, Yong Liang; Zhong, Weizhi; Lin, Rui
2016Logarithmic laplacian prior based bayesian inverse synthetic aperture radar imagingZhang, Shuanghui; Liu, Yongxiang; Li, Xiang; Bi, Guoan
 2017Maneuvering target imaging and scaling by using sparse inverse synthetic apertureXu, Gang; Yang, Lei; Bi, Guoan; Xing, Mengdao
2001Multiuser detection and code timing estimation for CDMA systemsLi, Zhengyu.