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 2018Chemical and enzymatic strategies for bacterial and mammalian cell surface engineeringBi, Xiaobao; Yin, Juan; Chen, Ashley Guanbang; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2015Genetic incorporation of unnatural amino acids for the synthesis of proteins with defined modificationsBi, Xiaobao
 2018Immobilization and intracellular delivery of circular proteins by modifying a genetically incorporated unnatural amino acidBi, Xiaobao; Yin, Juan; Hemu, Xinya; Rao, Chang; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2014Native chemical ubiquitination using a genetically incorporated azidonorleucineYang, Renliang; Bi, Xiaobao; Li, Fupeng; Cao, Yuan; Liu, Chuan-Fa