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2022Evaluating and ranking Southeast Asia's exposure to explosive volcanic hazardsJenkins, Susanna F.; Biass, Sébastien; Williams, George T.; Hayes, Josh L.; Tennant, Eleanor; Yang, Qingyuan; Burgos, Vanesa; Meredith, Elinor S.; Lerner, Geoffrey A.; Syarifuddin, Magfira; Verolino, Andrea
2019Insights into pāhoehoe lava emplacement using visible and thermal structure-from-motion photogrammetryBiass, Sébastien; Orr, Tim R.; Houghton, Bruce F.; Patrick, Mathew R.; James, Mike R.; Turner, Nicolas
2021Integrating hazard, exposure, vulnerability and resilience for risk and emergency management in a volcanic context : the ADVISE modelBonadonna, Costanza; Frischknecht, Corine; Menoni, Scira; Romerio, Franco; Gregg, Chris E.; Rosi, Mauro; Biass, Sébastien; Asgary, Ali; Pistolesi, Marco; Guobadia, Dehrick; Gattuso, Alessandro; Ricciardi, Antonio; Cristiani, Chiara
2020Modeling downward counterfactual events : unrealized disasters and why they matterLin, Yolanda C.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Chow, Jun Rui; Biass, Sébastien; Woo, Gordon; Lallemant, David
2020Reconstructing eruptions from historical accounts: Makaturing c. 1765, PhilippinesJenkins, Susanna F.; Phua, Marcus; Warren, James F.; Biass, Sébastien; de Maisonneuve, Caroline Bouvet
2020Remotely assessing tephra fall building damage and vulnerability : Kelud Volcano, IndonesiaWilliams, George Thomas; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Biass, Sébastien; Wibowo, Haryo Edi; Harijoko, Agung
2019A step-by-step evaluation of empirical methods to quantify eruption source parameters from tephra-fall depositsBiass, Sébastien; Bonadonna, Costanza; Houghton, Bruce F.