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 2018Atomic configuration of hydrogenated and clean tantalum(111) surfaces : bond relaxation, energy entrapment and electron polarizationBo, Maolin; Li, Lei; Guo, Yongling; Yao, Chuang; Peng, Cheng; Sun, Changqing
2018The band-gap modulation of graphyne nanoribbons by edge quantum entrapmentLiu, Yonghui; Bo, Maolin; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Chang Qing
2014Coordination-resolved local bond contraction and electron binding-energy entrapment of Si atomic clusters and solid skinsSun, Changqing; Bo, Maolin; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Zhang, Xi; Zhang, Ting; Li, Can
2014Coordination-resolved local bond relaxation, electron binding-energy shift, and Debye temperature of Ir solid skinsWang, Yan; Yang, Xuexian; Yang, Yezi; Li, Can; Bo, Maolin; Sun, Changqing; Huang, Yongli
 2015Coordination-resolved spectrometrics of local bonding and electronic dynamics of Au atomic clusters, solid skins, and oxidized foilsYu, Wang; Bo, Maolin; Huang, Yongli; Wang, Yan; Li, Can; Sun, Chang Qing
 2019Electronic and magnetic behavior of 2D metals structures Y on Li(110) surfaceBo, Maolin; Lei, Li; Yao, Chuang; Huang, Zhongkai; Peng, Cheng; Sun, Chang Qing
 2019Electronic structure and bond relaxation at Na/Ta(110) interfaces and 1D-chain and 2D-ring Ta metal structures on Na(110)Bo, Maolin; Lei, Li; Yao, Chuang; Peng, Cheng; Huang, Zhongkai; Sun, Chang Qing
2019Electronic structure of two-dimensional In and Bi metal on BN nanosheetsBo, Maolin; Li, Jibiao; Yao, Chuang; Huang, Zhongkai; Li, Lei; Sun, Chang Qing; Peng, Cheng
 2021Gas-solid interfacial charge transfer in volatile organic compound detection by CuCrO2 nanoparticlesXu, Sifan; Zhao, Tingting; Kong, Lingwei; Zhu, Wenhuan; Bo, Maolin; Huang, Yizhong; Liu, Hai
2015Local bond-electron-energy relaxation of Mo atomic clusters and solid skinsZhou, Wei; Bo, Maolin; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Li, Can; Sun, Chang Qing