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2016Ag–Ag2S Hybrid Nanoprisms: Structural versus Plasmonic EvolutionShahjamali, Mohammad M.; Zhou, Yong; Zaraee, Negin; Xue, Can; Wu, Jinsong; Large, Nicolas; McGuirk, C. Michael; Boey, Freddy; Dravid, Vinayak; Cui, Zhifeng; Schatz, George C.; Mirkin, Chad A.
2013Local Refractive Index Sensing Based on Edge Gold-Coated Silver NanoprismsMartinsson, Erik; Shahjamali, Mohammad Mehdi; Enander, Karin; Boey, Freddy; Xue, Can; Aili, Daniel; Liedberg, Bo
 2011Synthesis of gold square-like plates from ultrathin gold square sheets : the evolution of structure phase and shapeHuang, Xiao; Li, Hai; Li, Shaozhou; Wu, Shixin; Boey, Freddy; Ma, Jan; Zhang, Hua