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2017Biomimetic hydrogel-CNT network induced enhancement of fluid-structure interactions for ultrasensitive nanosensorsTriantafyllou, Michael S.; Bora, Meghali; Kottapalli, Ajay Giri Prakash; Miao, Jianmin
2017Cupula-Inspired Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogel Encapsulation to Form Biomimetic MEMS Flow SensorsKottapalli, Ajay Giri Prakash; Bora, Meghali; Kanhere, Elgar; Asadnia, Mohsen; Miao, Jianmin; Triantafyllou, Michael S.
 2013Hyaluronic acid-based nanocomposite hydrogels for ocular drug delivery applicationsWidjaja, Leonardus Kresna; Bora, Meghali; Chan, Paul Ng Poh Huat; Lipik, Vitali; Wong, Tina T. L.; Venkatraman, Subbu S.
2016Nanofibril scaffold assisted MEMS artificial hydrogel neuromasts for enhanced sensitivity flow sensingKottapalli, Ajay Giri Prakash; Bora, Meghali; Asadnia, Mohsen; Miao, Jianmin; Triantafyllou, Michael; Venkatraman, Subbu Subramanian
 2012Post-polymerisation modification of surface chemical functionality and its effect on protein bindingChoong, Cleo Swee Neo; Griffiths, Jon-Paul; Luo, Baiwen; Bora, Meghali; Foord, J. S.; Parker, Emily M.; Moloney, Mark G.
2014Release retardation of model protein on polyelectrolyte-coated PLGA nano- and microparticlesNugraha, Chandra; Bora, Meghali; Venkatraman, Subbu S.