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2018Gene × Environment interaction in developmental disorders : where do we stand and what’s next?Esposito, Gianluca; Azhari, Atiqah; Borelli, Jessica L.
2018Investigating genes, environments, and their interactions in the service of informing individualized diagnosis and treatment in developmental disabilitiesEsposito, Gianluca; Borelli, Jessica L.
2021The recognition of cross-cultural emotional faces is affected by intensity and ethnicity in a Japanese sampleBonassi, Andrea; Ghilardi, Tommaso; Gabrieli, Giulio; Truzzi, Anna; Doi, Hirokazu; Borelli, Jessica L.; Lepri, Bruno; Shinohara, Kazuyuki; Esposito, Gianluca
2021Savouring as an intervention to decrease negative affect in anxious mothers of children with autism and neurotypical childrenPereira, Ariel S.; Azhari, Atiqah; Hong, Chloe A.; Gaskin, Gerin E.; Borelli, Jessica L.; Esposito, Gianluca