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 2012Highly photostable near-infrared fluorescent pH indicators and sensors based on BF2-chelated tetraarylazadipyrromethene dyesBorisov, Sergey M.; Nielsen, Daniel A.; Jokic, Tijana; Saf, Robert; Kühl, Michael; Klimant, Ingo
 2012Imaging of surface O2 dynamics in corals with magnetic micro optode particlesBorisov, Sergey M.; Klimant, Ingo.; Kühl, Michael.; Fabricius-Dyg, J.; Mistlberger, G.; Staal, M.
2012Microenvironmental ecology of the chlorophyll b-containing symbiotic cyanobacterium Prochloron in the didemnid ascidian Lissoclinum patellaKühl, Michael; Behrendt, Lars; Trampe, Erik; Qvortrup, Klaus; Schreiber, Ulrich; Klimant, Ingo; Borisov, Sergey M.; Larkum, Anthony W. D.