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2017A Chronic Autoimmune Dry Eye Rat Model with Increase in Effector Memory T Cells in Eyeball TissueHou, Aihua; Bose, Tanima; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Tong, Louis
2017A Non-invasive Way to Isolate and Phenotype Cells from the ConjunctivaBose, Tanima; Hou, Aihua; Lee, Ryan; Tong, Louis; Chandy, Kanianthara George
2017Tissue resident memory T cells in the human conjunctiva and immune signatures in human dry eye diseaseBose, Tanima; Lee, Ryan; Hou, Aihua; Tong, Louis; Chandy, Kanianthara George
2018Topical delivery of senicapoc nanoliposomal formulation for ocular surface treatmentsPhua, Jie Liang; Hou, Aihua; Lui, Yuan Siang; Bose, Tanima; Chandy, George Kanianthara; Tong, Louis; Venkatraman, Subbu; Huang, Yingying