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2001Assessment of earthquake ground motions in SingaporePan, Tso Chien; Brownjohn, James Mark William; Leong, Eng Choon
2001Assessment of structural condition of bridges by dynamic measurementsBrownjohn, James Mark William; Hao, Hong; Pan, Tso Chien
2019Bayesian operational modal analysis of offshore rock lighthouses : close modes, alignment, symmetry and uncertaintyBrownjohn, James Mark William; Raby, Alison; Au, Siu-Kui; Zhu, Zuo; Wang, Xinrui; Antonini, Alessandro; Pappas, Athanasios; D'Ayala, Dina
2003Building response to long-distance major earthquakesPan, Tso Chien; Brownjohn, James Mark William; Wang, Yingbiao
2001Condition assessment of bridges by dynamic measurements and finite element model updatingXia, Pin Qi
2004Dynamic structural response monitoring of tall buildings using GPSBrownjohn, James Mark William; Tor, Yam Koon; Law, Choi Look; Pan, Tso Chien
2001Finite element model updating of tall buildings with a knowledge-based systemDeng, Xueyuan
1996Full-scale study of dynamic characteristics of tall buildings in Singapore to investigate lateral loading and responseBrownjohn, James Mark William; Ang, Chee Keong
2002Structural performance monitoring and health assessment of highway bridgesMoyo, Pilate.