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 2005A framework for HLA-based interactive simulations on the gridRycerz, Katarzyna; Bubak, Marian; Malawski, Maciej; Sloot, Peter M. A.
 2006From molecule to man : decision support in individualized e-healthSloot, Peter M. A.; Tirado-Ramos, Alfredo; Altintas, Ilkay; Bubak, Marian; Boucher, Charles A. B.
 2006A grid service for management of multiple HLA federate processesSloot, Peter M. A.; Rycerz, Katarzyna; Bubak, Marian; Malawski, Maciej
 2006Grid support for HLA-based collaborative environment for vascular reconstructionSloot, Peter M. A.; Rycerz, Katarzyna; Bubak, Marian; Malawski, Maciej
2009HIV decision support : from molecule to manSloot, Peter M. A.; Coveney, P. V.; Muller, V.; Boucher, Charles A. B.; Ertaylan, Gokhan; Bubak, Marian
 2010Perspectives on grid computingHluchy, Ladislav; Schwiegelshohn, Uwe; Badia, Rosa M.; Bubak, Marian; Danelutto, Marco; Dustdar, Schahram; Gagliardi, Fabrizio; Geiger, Alfred; Kranzlmüller, Dieter; Laure, Erwin; Priol, Thierry; Reinefeld, Alexander; Resch, Michael; Reuter, Andreas; Rienhoff, Otto; Rüter, Thomas; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Talia, Domenico; Ullmann, Klaus; Yahyapour, Ramin; Von Voigt, Gabriele
 2008Problem solving environment for distributed interactive applicationsSloot, Peter M. A.; Rycerz, Katarzyna; Bubak, Marian; Getov, Vladimir
 2011Processing moldable tasks on the grid : late job binding with lightweight user-level overlayMościcki, J. T.; Lamanna, M.; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Bubak, Marian