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2013Analysis of accuracy in pointing with redundant hand-held tools : a geometric approach to the uncontrolled manifold methodWidjaja, Ferdinan; Xu, Hong; Ang, Wei Tech; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
2017Balancing the playing field : collaborative gaming for physical trainingMace, Michael; Kinany, Nawal; Rinne, Paul; Rayner, Anthony; Bentley, Paul; Burdet, Etienne
2019Individuals physically interacting in a group rapidly coordinate their movement by estimating the collective goalTakagi, Atsushi; Hirashima, Masaya; Nozaki, Daichi; Burdet, Etienne
2016Multi-source micro-friction identification for a class of cable-driven robots with passive backboneTjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Zhu, Ke; Dailey, Wayne; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
2019Performance evaluation of a foot interface to operate a robot armHuang, Yanpei; Burdet, Etienne; Cao, Lin; Phan, Phuoc Thien; Tiong, Anthony Meng Huat; Zheng, Pai; Phee, Soo Jay
2016Self-Paced Reaching after Stroke: A Quantitative Assessment of Longitudinal and Directional Sensitivity Using the H-Man Planar Robot for Upper Limb NeurorehabilitationDailey, Wayne D.; Hussain, Asif; Budhota, Aamani; Hughes, Charmayne Mary Lee; Vishwanath, Deshmukh A.; Kuah, Christopher W. K.; Yam, Lester H. L.; Loh, Yong J.; Xiang, Liming; Chua, Karen S. G.; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
2020A subject-specific four-degree-of-freedom foot interface to control a surgical robotHuang, Yanpei; Burdet, Etienne; Cao, Lin; Phan, Phuoc Thien; Tiong, Anthony Meng Huat; Phee, Soo Jay