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 2016Distributed nonlinear hierarchical control of AC microgrid via unreliable communicationCai, He; Hu, Guoqiang
 2018Distributed robust hierarchical power sharing control of grid-connected spatially concentrated AC microgridCai, He; Hu, Guoqiang
2016An opto-mechanical coupled-ring reflector driven by optical force for lasing wavelength controlRen, M.; Cai, He; Chin, Lip Ket; Huang, Jianguo; Gu, Y. D.; Radhakrishnan, K.; Ser, Wee; Liu, Ai Qun
 2019Robust cooperative output regulation of uncertain linear multi-agent systems not detectable by regulated outputWang, Lei; Wen, Changyun; Guo, Fanghong; Cai, He; Su, Hongye