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2018Crystal and melt inclusion timescales reveal the evolution of magma migration before eruptionRuth, Dawn C. S.; Costa, Fidel; Bouvet de Maisonneuve, Caroline; Franco, Luis; Cortés, Joaquin A.; Calder, Eliza S.
2018The interplay of magmatism and tectonics : an example based on the satellite scoria cones at Llaima volcano, ChileSchonwalder-Angel, Dayana; Cortés, Joaquín A.; Calder, Eliza S.
2013Rhyolite lava dome growth styles at Chaitén volcano, Chile (2008-2009) : interpretation of thermal imageryBernstein, Marc; Pavez, Andrés; Varley, Nick; Whelley, Patrick; Calder, Eliza S.