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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021ABCDM : an Attention-based Bidirectional CNN-RNN Deep Model for sentiment analysisBasiri, Mohammad Ehsan; Nemati, Shahla; Abdar, Moloud; Cambria, Erik; Acharya, U. Rajendra
2017Bayesian network based extreme learning machine for subjectivity detectionChaturvedi, Iti; Ragusa, Edoardo; Gastaldo, Paolo; Zunino, Rodolfo; Cambria, Erik
2019Can a humanoid robot be part of the organizational workforce? A user study leveraging sentiment analysisMishra, Nidhi; Ramanathan, Manoj; Satapathy, Ranjan; Cambria, Erik; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
 2019Cognitive-inspired domain adaptation of sentiment lexiconsXing, Frank Z.; Pallucchini, Filippo; Cambria, Erik
 2019Disentangled variational auto-encoder for semi-supervised learningLi, Yang; Pan, Quan; Wang, Suhang; Peng, Haiyun; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2020End-to-end latent-variable task-oriented dialogue system with exact log-likelihood optimizationXu, H.; Peng, Haiyun; Xie, H.; Cambria, Erik; Zhou, L.; Zheng, W.
2014Enhancing business intelligence by means of suggestive reviewsQazi, Atika; Raj, Ram Gopal; Tahir, Muhammad; Cambria, Erik; Syed, Karim Bux Shah
 2017Ensemble application of ELM and GPU for real-time multimodal sentiment analysisTran, Ha-Nguyen; Cambria, Erik
 2019Fuzzy commonsense reasoning for multimodal sentiment analysisChaturvedi, Iti; Satapathy, Ranjan; Cavallari, Sandro; Cambria, Erik
 2018A Generative Model for category text generationLi, Yang; Pan, Quan; Wang, Suhang; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2019Growing semantic vines for robust asset allocationXing, Frank Z.; Cambria, Erik; Welsch, Roy E.
 2020How intense are you? Predicting intensities of emotions and sentiments using stacked ensemble [application notes]Akhtar, M. S.; Ekbal, A.; Cambria, Erik
 2019Inconsistencies on TripAdvisor reviews : a unified index between users and Sentiment Analysis MethodsValdivia, Ana; Hrabova, Emiliya; Chaturvedi, Iti; Luzón, M. Victoria; Troiano, Luigi; Cambria, Erik; Herrera, Francisco
 2018Intelligent asset allocation via market sentiment viewsXing, Frank Z.; Cambria, Erik; Welsch, Roy E.
 2019Learning binary codes with neural collaborative filtering for efficient recommendation systemsLi, Yang; Wang, Suhang; Pan, Quan; Peng, Haiyun; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2018Learning multi-grained aspect target sequence for Chinese sentiment analysisPeng, Haiyun; Ma, Yukun; Li, Yang; Cambria, Erik
 2019Learning with similarity functions : a tensor-based frameworkRagusa, Edoardo; Gastaldo, Paolo; Zunino, Rodolfo; Cambria, Erik
 2019Modelling customer satisfaction from online reviews using ensemble neural network and effect-based Kano modelBi, Jian-Wu; Liu, Yang; Fan, Zhi-Ping; Cambria, Erik
2018Multimodal sentiment analysis : addressing key issues and setting up the baselinesPoria, Soujanya; Majumder, Navonil; Hazarika, Devamanyu; Cambria, Erik; Gelbukh, Alexander; Hussain, Amir
 2018Multimodal sentiment analysis using hierarchical fusion with context modelingMajumder, Navonil; Hazarika, Devamanyu; Gelbukh, Alexander; Cambria, Erik; Poria, Soujanya