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2018Labour formalisation as selective hegemony in reform-era MyanmarCampbell, Stephen
2018Migrant waste collectors inThailand’s informal economyCampbell, Stephen
2019Of squatting amid capitalism on Yangon's industrial peripheryCampbell, Stephen
2019Reading Myanmar's inland fisheries : postcolonial literature as theoretical lensCampbell, Stephen
2022Recovery mechanisms in aged kesterite solar cellsCampbell, Stephen; Duchamp, Martial; Ford, Bethan; Jones, Michael; Nguyen, Linh Lan; Naylor, Matthew C.; Xu, Xinya; Maiello, Pietro; Zoppi, Guillaume; Barrioz, Vincent; Beattie, Neil S.; Qu, Yongtao
2019Towards a dialectical anthropology of capitalismCampbell, Stephen