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2012Accuracy of second order perturbation theory in the polaron and variational polaron framesLee, Chee Kong; Moix, Jeremy; Cao, Jianshu
2012Equilibrium-reduced density matrix formulation : influence of noise, disorder, and temperature on localization in excitonic systemsMoix, Jeremy M.; Zhao, Yang; Cao, Jianshu
2012Excitonic energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes in purple bacteriaYu, Yunjin; Lee, Chee Kong; Cao, Jianshu; Ye, Jun; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2016Polaron effects on the performance of light-harvesting systems : a quantum heat engine perspectiveXu, Dazhi; Wang, Chen; Zhao, Yang; Cao, Jianshu
 2009Width of phonon sidebands in the Brownian oscillator modelYe, Jun; Zhao, Yang; Ng, Nathaniel; Cao, Jianshu