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 2015An enzyme mimic ammonium polymer as a single catalyst for glucose dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfurfuralCao, Xueqin; Teong, Siew Ping; Wu, Di; Yi, Guangshun; Su, Haibin; Zhang, Yugen
2019Metal–oleate complex-derived bimetallic oxides nanoparticles encapsulated in 3D graphene networks as anodes for efficient lithium storage with pseudocapacitanceGu, Hongwei; Cao, Yingying; Geng, Kaiming; Geng, Hongbo; Ang, Huixiang; Pei, Jie; Liu, Yayuan; Cao, Xueqin; Zheng, Junwei
 2018Three-dimensional nitrogen and sulfur co-doped holey-reduced graphene oxide frameworks anchored with MoO2 nanodots for advanced rechargeable lithium-ion batteriesPei, Jie; Geng, Hongbo; Ang, Huixiang; Zhang, Lingling; Wei, Huaixin; Cao, Xueqin; Zheng, Junwei; Gu, Hongwei