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 2019Biofilm-associated infection by enterococciCh'ng, Jun-Hong; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Lam, Ling Ning; Wong, Jun Jie; Kline, Kimberly A.
2014A high-content phenotypic screen reveals the disruptive potency of quinacrine and 3',4'-Dichlorobenzamil on the digestive vacuole of plasmodium falciparumLee, Yan Quan; Goh, Amanda S. P.; Ch'ng, Jun-Hong; Nosten, François H.; Presier, Peter Rainer; Pervaiz, Shazib; Yadav, Sanjiv Kumar; Tan, Kevin S. W.
2013A whole cell pathway screen reveals seven novel chemosensitizers to combat chloroquine resistant malariaCh'ng, Jun-Hong; Mok, Sachel; Bozdech, Zbynek; Lear, Martin James; Boudhar, Aicha; Russell, Bruce; Nosten, Francois; Tan, Kevin Shyong-Wei