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2016Effect of subliminal lexical priming on the subjective perception of images : a machine learning approachMohan, Dhanya Menoth; Kumar, Parmod; Mahmood, Faisal; Wong, Kian Foong; Agrawal, Abhishek; Mohamed Elgendi; Shukla, Rohit; Ang, Natania; Ching, April; Dauwels, Justin; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan
2012Effects of culture on musical pitch perceptionWong, Patrick C. M.; Ciocca, Valter; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan; Ha, Louisa Y. Y.; Tan, Li-Hai; Peretz, Isabelle
 2012Effects of mono- and bicultural experiences on auditory perceptionChan, Alice Hiu Dan; Wong, Patrick C. M.; Margulis, Elizabeth H.
2017Impaired processing of facial happiness, with or without awareness, in developmental prosopagnosiaBurns, Edwin James; Martin, Joel; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan; Xu, Hong
2019The influence of referent type and familiarity on word-referent mappingOng, Jia Hoong; Chan, Alice Hiu Dan
2016Pitch perception and production in congenital amusia: Evidence from Cantonese speakersChan, Alice Hiu Dan; Ciocca, Valter; Roquet, Catherine; Peretz, Isabelle; Wong, Patrick C. M.; Liu, Fang