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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Association of elective and emergency cesarean delivery with early childhood overweight at 12 months of ageCai, Meijin; Loy, See Ling; Tan, Kok Hian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Gluckman, Peter D.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Cheung, Yin Bun; Lek, Ngee; Lee, Yung Seng; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Yap, Fabian; Ang, Seng Bin
2019Associations of circadian eating pattern and diet quality with substantial postpartum weight retentionLoy, See Ling; Cheung, Yin Bun; Colega, Marjorelee T.; Chia, Airu; Han, Chad Yixian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Tan, Kok Hian; Lek, Ngee; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Yap, Fabian
 2013Biocompatibility studies and characterization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate)/polycaprolactone blendsLim, Jing; Chong, Mark Seow Khoon; Teo, Erin Yiling; Chen, Guo-Qiang; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Teoh, Swee-Hin
2013Biomimetic three-dimensional anisotropic geometries by uniaxial stretch of poly(ɛ-caprolactone) films for mesenchymal stem cell proliferation, alignment, and myogenic differentiationWang, Zu-yong; Teo, Erin Yiling; Chong, Mark Seow Khoon; Zhang, Qin-yuan; Lim, Jing; Zhang, Zhi-yong; Hong, Ming-hui; Thian, Eng San; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Teoh, Swee-Hin
2014Cocultures of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Endothelial Cells As Organotypic Models of Prostate Cancer MetastasisChong, Mark Seow Khoon; Lim, Jing; Goh, Junwei; Sia, Ming Wei; Teoh, Swee Hin; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen
2016Concise Review: Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Regenerative Medicine: Applications and ChallengesChong, Mark Seow Khoon; Ng, Wei Kai; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen
2013Contrasting effects of vasculogenic induction upon biaxial bioreactor stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells cocultures in three-dimensional scaffolds under in vitro and in vivo paradigms for vascularized bone tissue engineeringChan, Jerry Kok Yen; Liu, Yuchun; Teoh, Swee-Hin; Chong, Mark S. K.; Yeow, Chen-Hua; Kamm, Roger D.; Choolani, Mahesh
 2013Electrospun nanofibers as a bioadhesive platform for capturing adherent leukemia cellsChan, Jerry Kok Yen; Cao, Xue; Kwek, Kenneth; Chan, Casey K. H.; Lim, Mayasari
2014Enhanced ex vivo expansion of adult mesenchymal stem cells by fetal mesenchymal stem cell ECMChan, Jerry Kok Yen; Ng, Chee Ping; Mohamed Sharif, Abdul Rahim; Heath, Daniel E.; Chow, John W.; Zhang, Claire B. Y.; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Hammond, Paula T.; Griffith, Linda G.
 2013A generic micropatterning platform to direct human mesenchymal stem cells from different origins towards myogenic differentiationTan, Lay Poh; Yu, Ting; Chua, Chee Kai; Tay, Chor Yong; Wen, Feng; Yu, Haiyang; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chong, Mark Seow Khoon; Leong, David Tai Wei
 2014The hollow fiber bioreactor as a stroma-supported, serum-free ex vivo expansion platform for human umbilical cord blood cellsXue, Cao; Kwek, Kenneth Y. C.; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chen, Qingfeng; Lim, Mayasari
2018Impact of adopting the 2013 World Health Organization criteria for diagnosis of gestational diabetes in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort: a prospective studyKramer, Michael S.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Chi, Claudia; Loy, See Ling; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Choong, Cherie; Cai, Shirong; Soh, Shu E.; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Gluckman, Peter D.; Godfrey, Keith M.; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen
2019Iron status and risk factors of iron deficiency among pregnant women in Singapore : a cross-sectional studyLoy, See Ling; Lim, Li Min; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Tan, Pei Ting; Chee, Yen Lin; Quah, Phaik Ling; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Kramer, Michael S.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Chi, Claudia
2014Long-term reproducible expression in human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells with a UCOE-based lentiviral vectorDighe, Niraja; Khoury, Maroun; Mattar, Citra; Chong, Mark; Choolani, Mahesh; Chen, Jianzhu; Antoniou, Michael N.; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen
2017Microbiome Influences Prenatal and Adult Microglia in a Sex-Specific MannerThion, Morgane Sonia; Low, Donovan; Silvin, Aymeric; Chen, Jinmiao; Grisel, Pauline; Schulte-Schrepping, Jonas; Blecher, Ronnie; Ulas, Thomas; Squarzoni, Paola; Hoeffel, Guillaume; Coulpier, Fanny; Siopi, Eleni; David, Friederike Sophie; Scholz, Claus; Foo, Shihui; Lum, Josephine; Amoyo, Arlaine Anne; Larbi, Anis; Poidinger, Michael; Buttgereit, Anne; Lledo, Pierre-Marie; Greter, Melanie; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Amit, Ido; Beyer, Marc; Schultze, Joachim Ludwig; Schlitzer, Andreas; Pettersson, Sven; Ginhoux, Florent; Garel, Sonia
2015Mussel-Inspired Modification of Nanofibers for REST siRNA Delivery: Understanding the Effects of Gene-Silencing and Substrate Topography on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Neuronal CommitmentLow, Wei Ching; Rujitanaroj, Pim-On; Lee, Dong-Keun; Kuang, Jinghao; Messersmith, Phillip B.; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chew, Sing Yian
2013Neutrophil mobilization via plerixafor-mediated CXCR4 inhibition arises from lung demargination and blockade of neutrophil homing to the bone marrowDevi, Sapna; Wang, Yilin; Chew, Weng Keong; Lima, Ronald; A-González, Noelia; Mattar, Citra N. Z.; Chong, Shu Zhen; Schlitzer, Andreas; Bakocevic, Nadja; Chew, Samantha; Keeble, Jo L.; Goh, Chi Ching; Li, Jackson L. Y.; Evrard, Maximilien; Malleret, Benoit; Larbi, Anis; Renia, Laurent; Haniffa, Muzlifah; Tan, Suet Mien; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Balabanian, Karl; Nagasawa, Takashi; Bachelerie, Françoise; Hidalgo, Andrés; Ginhoux, Florent; Kubes, Paul; Ng, Lai Guan
2017Plasma vitamin D deficiency is associated with poor sleep quality and night-time eating at mid-pregnancy in SingaporeCheng, Tuck Seng; Loy, See Ling; Cheung, Yin Bun; Cai, Shirong; Colega, Marjorelee T.; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Tan, Kok Hian; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Lee, Yung Seng; Lek, Ngee; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Fabian, Yap
 2013Prospective surface marker-based isolation and expansion of fetal endothelial colony-forming cells from human term placentaChan, Jerry Kok Yen; Patel, Jatin; Seppanen, Elke; Chong, Mark S. K.; Yeo, Julie S. L.; Teo, Erin Y. L.; Fisk, Nicholas M.; Khosrotehrani, Kiarash
 2012Review of vascularised bone tissue-engineering strategies with a focus on co-culture systemsLiu, Yuchun; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Teoh, Swee-Hin