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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Active contour with a tangential componentWang, Junyan; Chan, Kap Luk
1997Active object recognition using sensor planning strategyLiu, Tian Rong.
2000Adaptive segmentaion and similarity measures in content-based image retrievalRicky Purnomo.
2001Analysis of textured image using the wigner distributionHuang, Zhong Yang.
2002Arrhythmia recognition from electrocardiogram using non-linear analysis and unsupervised clustering techniquesSun, Yan.
1994Automatic segmentation of lesion from medical computed tomography images for stereotactic neurosurgeryYau, Wei Yun.
2003Boosting and its application in face recognition and image retrievalWang, Jiang Bo.
1998Comparison of character recognition performance - bayes classifier and neural network methodsLow, Siew Eng.
2002Composite image texture description and its decompositionHuang, Yong.
1995Computerized detection of lumen boundary in robotic colonoscopy for medical diagnosisTan, Chong Sheng.
2000Content-based image indexing and retrieval : feature extraction and feature similarity metricsWang, Chang Liang
1997Defect detection in textured imagesDong, Ziqiang
2003Developing a content-based image retrieval system based on low-level discriptorsHan, Bin
2003Development of fundamental function toolbox for image processing and analysisJiang, Shan Jiao
2000Document image processingChan, Kap Luk; Tay, David B. H.; Farook Sattar
1996Dynamic image processing and 3D reconstruction for medical applicationsHuang, Yan.
2014Exemplar-based portrait photograph enhancement as informed by portrait paintingsConstable, Martin; Chan, Kap Luk; Zhang, Xiaoyan
2001Fingerprint processing techniques for biometric applicationsLiu, Jinxiang.
2004Image analysis using random fields and Bayesian methodsChen, Chibiao.
2003Image database organization in a content-based image retrieval systemXiong, Xuejian.