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2018Association of elective and emergency cesarean delivery with early childhood overweight at 12 months of ageCai, Meijin; Loy, See Ling; Tan, Kok Hian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Gluckman, Peter D.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Cheung, Yin Bun; Lek, Ngee; Lee, Yung Seng; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Yap, Fabian; Ang, Seng Bin
2018Impact of adopting the 2013 World Health Organization criteria for diagnosis of gestational diabetes in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort: a prospective studyKramer, Michael S.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Chi, Claudia; Loy, See Ling; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Choong, Cherie; Cai, Shirong; Soh, Shu E.; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Gluckman, Peter D.; Godfrey, Keith M.; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen
2019Iron status and risk factors of iron deficiency among pregnant women in Singapore : a cross-sectional studyLoy, See Ling; Lim, Li Min; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Tan, Pei Ting; Chee, Yen Lin; Quah, Phaik Ling; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Godfrey, Keith M.; Shek, Lynette Pei-Chi; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Kramer, Michael S.; Chong, Yap-Seng; Chi, Claudia
2018Metformin from mother to unborn child – are there unwarranted effects?Nguyen, Linh; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Teo, Adrian Kee Keong
2019Socio-demographic and maternal predictors of adherence to 24-hour movement guidelines in Singaporean childrenChen, Bozhi; Bernard, Jonathan Y.; Padmapriya, Natarajan; Yao, Jiali; Goh, Claire; Tan, Kok Hian; Yap, Fabian; Chong, Yap-Seng; Shek, Lynette; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Eriksson, Johan Gunnar; Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk