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1999ATM-enhanced multimedia meeting environmentLee, Bu Sung; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Chai, Liang Tien; Yeo, Chai Kiat
2001Computer architecture, networking and parallel processingGupta, Anil Kumar; Tan, Eng Chong; Hsu, Wen Jing; Li, Ling; Vun, Nicholas; Thambipillai Srikanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Chong, Man Nang; Hui, Siu Cheung
2001Continuous media file systemLiow, Yung Ming.
2001Database architecture to support 3D virtual environmentsCao, Ping An
1996Design and development of Macintosh based Teleview terminalNardarajah Sriskanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun
1995High performance parallel processing system for real-time animationLeong, Soon Khing.
2002Reconstruction architecture and algorithms for 3-D volume visualization and navigation of scanned medical dataDai, Chong
2001Scalable architecture for the storage of continuous mediaZhai, Shunnian
2002Secure transactions over the internet for electronic commerceZhao, Feng.
2001Software engineering, intelligent systems and visual technologyGoh, Wooi Boon; Hong, Mun Li; Goh, Angela; Wong, Kok Cheong; Hui, Siu Cheung; Hsu, Wen Jing; Vun, Nicholas; Thambipillai Srikanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Li, Ling