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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019Accurate and scalable cross-architecture cross-OS binary code search with emulationXue, Yinxing; Xu, Zhengzi; Chandramohan, Mahinthan; Liu, Yang
 2012Detection of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in C/C++ with pattern based limited symbolic evaluationDing, Sun; Tan, Hee Beng Kuan; Liu, Kaiping; Chandramohan, Mahinthan; Zhang, Hongyu
 2012Detection of mobile malware in the wildChandramohan, Mahinthan; Tan, Hee Beng Kuan
 2012Has this bug been reported?Liu, Kaiping; Tan, Hee Beng Kuan; Chandramohan, Mahinthan
 2017A multi-view context-aware approach to Android malware detection and malicious code localizationNarayanan, Annamalai; Chandramohan, Mahinthan; Chen, Lihui; Liu, Yang
2018Scalable analysis for malware and vulnerability detection in binariesChandramohan, Mahinthan
 2012Scalable malware clustering through coarse-grained behavior modelingChandramohan, Mahinthan; Tan, Hee Beng Kuan; Shar, Lwin Khin