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2019Antibodies and venom peptides : new modalities for ion channelsWulff, Heike; Christophersen, Palle; Colussi, Paul; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Yarov-Yarovoy, Vladimir
2020CD4+ T cells mediate the development of liver fibrosis in high fat diet-induced NAFLD in humanized miceHer, Zhisheng; Tan, Joel Heng Loong; Lim, Yee-Siang; Tan, Sue Yee; Chan, Xue Ying; Tan, Wilson Wei Sheng; Liu, Min; Yong, Kylie Su Mei; Lai, Fritz; Ceccarello, Erica; Zheng, Zhiqiang; Fan, Yong; Chang, Kenneth Tou En; Sun, Lei; Chang, Shih Chieh; Chin, Chih-Liang; Lee, Guan Huei; Dan, Yock Young; Chan, Yun-Shen; Lim, Seng Gee; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Chen, Qingfeng
2017A Chronic Autoimmune Dry Eye Rat Model with Increase in Effector Memory T Cells in Eyeball TissueHou, Aihua; Bose, Tanima; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Tong, Louis
2018The combined activation of KCa3.1 and inhibition of Kv11.1/hERG1 currents contribute to overcome Cisplatin resistance in colorectal cancer cellsPillozzi, Serena; D'Amico, Massimo; Bartoli, Gianluca; Gasparoli, Luca; Petroni, Giulia; Crociani, Olivia; Marzo, Tiziano; Guerriero, Angela; Messori, Luigi; Severi, Mirko; Udisti, Roberto; Wulff, Heike; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Becchetti, Andrea; Arcangeli, Annarosa
 2017International union of basic and clinical pharmacology. C. nomenclature and properties of calcium-activated and sodium-activated potassium channelsKaczmarek, Leonard K.; Aldrich, Richard W.; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Grissmer, Stephan; Wei, Aguan D.; Wulff, Heike
2017A Non-invasive Way to Isolate and Phenotype Cells from the ConjunctivaBose, Tanima; Hou, Aihua; Lee, Ryan; Tong, Louis; Chandy, Kanianthara George
2017Tissue resident memory T cells in the human conjunctiva and immune signatures in human dry eye diseaseBose, Tanima; Lee, Ryan; Hou, Aihua; Tong, Louis; Chandy, Kanianthara George