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 2021Advantages of direct input-to-output connections in neural networks : the Elman network for stock index forecastingWang, Yaoli; Wang, Lipo; Yang, Fangjun; Di, Wenxia; Chang, Qing
2020Carrier and exciton dynamics in halide perovskitesChang, Qing
 2019Efficient and stable all-inorganic perovskite solar cells based on nonstoichiometric CsₓPbI₂Brₓ (x > 1) alloysFrolova, Lyubov A.; Chang, Qing; Luchkin, Sergey Yu.; Zhao, Daming; Akbulatov, Azat F.; Dremova, Nadezhda N.; Ivanov, Andrey V.; Chia, Elbert E. M.; Stevenson, Keith J.; Troshin, Pavel A.
2020Optimization of submodularity and BBO-based routing protocol for wireless sensor deploymentWang, Yaoli; Duan, Yujun; Di, Wenxia; Chang, Qing; Wang, Lipo