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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptation of urine source separation in tropical cities : process optimization and odor mitigationZhang, Jiefeng; Giannis, Apostolos; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Ng, Bernard Jia Han; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2015Application of hydroponic systems for the treatment of source-separated human urineYang, Linyan; Giannis, Apostolos; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Liu, Bianxia; Zhang, Jiefeng; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2013Characterization of induced struvite formation from source-separated urine using seawater and brine as magnesium sourcesLiu, Bianxia; Giannis, Apostolos; Zhang, Jiefeng; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing Yuan
 2016Determination of urine-derived odorous compounds in a source separation sanitation systemLiu, Bianxia; Giannis, Apostolos; Chen, Ailu; Zhang, Jiefeng; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2016Development of an accelerated leaching method for incineration bottom ash correlated to toxicity characteristic leaching protocolLin, Shengxuan; Zhou, Xuedong; Ge, Liya; Ng, Sum Huan; Zhou, Xiaodong; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
 2012Development of analysis of volatile polyfluorinated alkyl substances in indoor air using thermal desorption-gas chromatography–mass spectrometryWu, Yaoxing; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2017DNA accumulation on ventilation system filters in university buildings in SingaporeLuhung, Irvan; Wu, Yan; Xu, Siyu; Yamamoto, Naomichi; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Nazaroff, William W.
2016Ecological succession of the microbial communities of an air-conditioning cooling coil in the tropicsAcerbi, Enzo; Chenard, Caroline; Miller, Dana; Gaultier, Nicolas Eugene; Heinle, Cassie Elizabeth; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Uchida, Akira; Drautz-Moses, Daniela I.; Schuster, Stephan Christoph; Lauro, Federico M.
2014Environmental life cycle assessment of different domestic wastewater streams : policy effectiveness in a tropical urban environmentNg, Bernard J.H.; Zhou, Jin; Giannis, Apostolos; Wang, Jing-Yuan; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2012Experimental study on visible-light induced photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous formaldehyde by polyester fiber supported photocatalystsHan, Zhenan; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Xiaoping; Lim, Teik-Thye; Hildemann, Lynn
2018Exploring temporal patterns of bacterial and fungal DNA accumulation on a ventilation system filter for a Singapore university libraryLuhung, Irvan; Wu, Yan; Xu, Siyu; Yamamoto, Naomichi; Nazaroff, William W.; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2015Exposure to particulate matter and ozone of outdoor origin in SingaporeChen, Ailu; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Nazaroff, William W.; Gall, Elliott Tyler
2012An HPLC-DAD method for rapid and high resolution analysis of concentrated BTEX and styrene aqueous samplesTan, Amy Giin-Yu; Chen, Chia-Lung; Zhao, Lei; Mo, Yu; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
 2012Human health and thermal comfort of office workers in SingaporeChen, Ailu; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
 2017Human-building interaction under various indoor temperatures through neural-signal electroencephalogram (EEG) methodsShan, Xin; Yang, En-Hua; Zhou, Jin; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
 2012An improved life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) approach for assessing aquatic eco-toxic impact of brine disposal from seawater desalination plantsZhou, Jin; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2014Indoor/outdoor pollutant relationships in an air-conditioned room during and after the 2013 haze in SingaporeChen, Ailu; Cao, Qingliang; Zhou, Jin; Nazaroff, William; Yang, Bin; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung
2016Insights for transformation of contaminants in leachate at a tropical landfill dominated by natural attenuationYin, Ke; Tong, Huanhuan; Giannis, Apostolos; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2014Life Cycle Assessment for desalination: A review on methodology feasibility and reliabilityZhou, Jin; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2016Life cycle assessment of the present and proposed food waste management technologies from environmental and economical inpact perspectivesAhamed, Ashiq; Yin, Ke; Ng, Bernard Jia Han; Ren, Fei; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Wang, Jing-Yuan