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 2014Cash-flow sensitivities and the allocation of internal cash flowChang, Xin; Dasgupta, Sudipto; Wong, George; Yao, Jiaquan
2019Credit default swaps and corporate innovationChang, Xin; Chen, Yangyang; Wang, Sarah Qian; Zhang, Kuo; Zhang, Wenrui
2016Industry expertise, information leakage and the choice of M&A advisorsChang, Xin; Shekhar, Chander; Tam, Lewis H. K.; Yao, Jiaquan
2016The information role of advisors in mergers and acquisitions: Evidence from acquirers hiring targets’ ex-advisorsChang, Xin; Shekhar, Chander; Tam, Lewis H.K.; Yao, Jiaquan
2018Macroeconomic conditions, financial constraints, and firms’ financing decisionsChang, Xin; Chen, Yunling; Dasgupta, Sudipto
2015Managerial Entrenchment and Firm Value: A Dynamic PerspectiveChang, Xin; Zhang, Hong Feng
2014Non-executive employee stock options and corporate innovationChang, Xin; Fu, Kangkang; Low, Angie; Zhang, Wenrui
2017Stock liquidity and stock price crash riskChang, Xin; Chen, Yangyang; Zolotoy, Leon