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2017Punching shear strength of high strength concrete and steel fibre reinforced concrete slabsChanthabouala, Khatthanam
2018Punching Shear Strength of Slabs and Influence of Low Reinforcement RatioTeng, Susanto; Chanthabouala, Khatthanam; Lim, Darren Tze Yang; Hidayat, Rhahmadatul
2018Punching tests of double-hooked-end fiber reinforced concrete slabsChanthabouala, Khatthanam; Teng, Susanto; Chandra, Jimmy; Tan, Kang-Hai; Ostertag, Claudia P.
2018Truss Model for Shear Strength of Structural Concrete WallsChandra, Jimmy; Chanthabouala, Khatthanam; Teng, Susanto