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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Accuracy and biasness of financial analysts.Low, Jo Fan.; Tan, Chor Jin.; Tan, Poh Ling.
2004Adverse selection component and corporate governance.Chew, Chee Keong.; Ling, Thiam Soon.; Shue, Zhi Hwa.
2007Analysis of order book and order flow : evidence on the stock exchange of Thailand in 1997 crisisCharoenwong, Charlie; Ding, David Kuan Yong; Visaltanachoti, Nuttawat
2004Analysis on exchange traded funds in Singapore.Ng, Sin Chun.; Toh, Rachel Yen Leng.; Yap, Tricia Su Ting.
2004Armed with only the prospectus, can a retail investor pick a good IPO?Lai, Kian Boon; Yap, Tuck Hong; Teo, Wee Liang
2006Asymmetric information, risks and stock returns.Chan, Winnie Mei Yi.; Chung, Yong Nian.; Poon, Wai Leong.
2006Changes in insider trading legislation in Singapore : the effect on corporate insiders on Singapore exchange (sgx).Ling, Sheena Hui Ying.; Low, Michele Mei Xian.; Yeo, Yunci.
2001Comparison of exchange rate volatility in the spot and forward markets.Lim, Raymond Kiat Jiang.; Ng, Meng Chong.; Tan, Yeok Koon.
2005Comparison of foreign and domestic IPO firms in Singapore.Goh, Weisheng.; Low, Eric Chok Chaung.; Quek, Gim Heng.
2007Credit rating and adverse selection costOcvia Freriana; Nancy; Melisa Hendrawati
2004Earnings management to exceed thresholds : a Singapore and Thailand perspective.Goh, Wei Ni.; Tan, Peiyuan.; Tan, Han Seng.
2003Effects of decimalization on IPO stocks on the NYSE.Chan, Cheng.; Lee, Kwang Yang.; Ng, Chee Kiong.
2004Essays in market microstructure : evidence from the Stock Exchange of ThailandVisaltanachoti, Nuttawat
2006Impact of Australian and Singapore co-trading on the investment environment.Lin, Yousheng.; Ngian, Guoxiong.
2006Impact of price error on warrant and its underlying asset.Lim, Choon Kwang.; Ng, Andreana.; Ong, Aaron Kwang Hong.
2005Impact of Single Stock Futures on its underlying assets : a case study on SGX.Lim, Sianron.; Tan, Serene Min Min.; Woo, Nanshen.
2008Impacts of equity index reconstitution on stock returns.Tan, Joshua Guang Liang.; Liu, Huixin.; Toh, Pei Yun.
2006Insider purchase : effectiveness in correcting falls in stock pricesDong, Xiaofeng; Tan, Ming Ke; Yap, Aaron Kok Tong
2002Insider trading : empirical evidence from the Singapore stock exchangeAng, Kee Siang; Neo, Wan Ling; Yong, Pei Zhi
2003Investigation on dividend policy of Singapore listed firmsCai, Xiaoqi; Khor, Yeow Hwee; Kuah, Kwok Beng