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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Accurate light field depth estimation with superpixel regularization over partially occluded regionsChen, Jie; Hou, Junhui; Ni, Yun; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2022Attention-guided progressive neural texture fusion for high dynamic range image restorationChen, Jie; Yang, Zaifeng; Chan, Tsz Nam; Li, Hui; Hou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2020Convolutional neural networks with dynamic regularizationWang, Yi; Bian, Zhen-Peng; Hou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2012Dynamic 3-D facial compression using low rank and sparse decompositionChau, Lap-Pui; Hou, Junhui; He, Ying; Quynh, Dao Thi Phuong; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
 2012Fall detection based on skeleton extractionChau, Lap-Pui; Bian, Zhen-Peng; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
2014A fast adaptive guided filtering algorithm for light field depth interpolationChen, Jie; Chau, Lap-Pui
2015Human Motion Capture Data Tailored Transform CodingHou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; He, Ying
 2012Image-driven simplification with single viewpointTan, Cheen-Hau; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2012Joint rate allocation for statistical multiplexing in video broadcast applicationsYao, Wei; Chau, Lap-Pui; Rahardja, Susanto
 2012Joint rate allocation for statistical multiplexing of SVCYao, Wei; Chau, Lap-Pui; Rahardja, Susanto
 2012Keyframe selection for motion capture using motion activity analysisKim, Ming-Hwa; Chau, Lap-Pui; Siu, Wan-Chi
 2017Light field compression with disparity-guided sparse coding based on structural key viewsChen, Jie; Hou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2018Light field denoising via anisotropic parallax analysis in a CNN frameworkChen, Jie; Hou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2018Light field image compression based on bi-level view compensation with rate-distortion optimizationHou, Junhui; Chen, Jie; Chau, Lap-Pui
2016Low-latency compression of mocap data using learned spatial decorrelation transformHou, Junhui; Chau, Lap-Pui; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; He, Ying
2014Motion capture data recovery using skeleton constrained singular value thresholdingTan, Cheen-Hau; Hou, JunHui; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2022Moving towards centers: re-ranking with attention and memory for re-identificationZhou, Yunhao; Wang, Yi; Chau, Lap-Pui
 2018Reflection removal on single light field capture using focus manipulationNi, Yun; Chen, Jie; Chau, Lap-Pui
2019Remote detection of idling cars using infrared imaging and deep networksBastan, Muhammet; Yap, Kim-Hui; Chau, Lap-Pui
2020RSAN : a retinex based self adaptive stereo matching network for day and night scenesZhang, Haoyuan; Chau, Lap-Pui; Wang, Danwei