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2005Blueshift of optical band gap in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical-vapor depositionChen, B. J.; Kwok, H. S.; Zhang, X. H.; Chua, S. J.; Tan, Swee Tiam; Sun, Xiaowei; Fan, Weijun
2005Network array of zinc oxide whiskersChen, B. J.; Yu, M. B.; Zhang, X. H.; Chua, S. J.; Xu, Chunxiang; Sun, Xiaowei; Dong, Zhili
2005Ultraviolet amplified spontaneous emission from self-organized network of zinc oxide nanofibersChen, B. J.; Yu, S. F.; Xu, Chunxiang; Sun, Xiaowei; Yuen, Clement; Dong, Zhili
2006Zinc oxide quantum dots embedded films by metal organic chemical vapor depositionZhang, X. H.; Chen, B. J.; Chua, S. J.; Dong, Zhili; Hu, Xiao; Tan, Swee Tiam; Sun, Xiaowei; Yong, Anna