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2015Application of constacyclic codes to quantum MDS codesChen, Bocong; Ling, San; Zhang, Guanghui
2015A construction of MDS quantum convolutional codesZhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong; Li, Liangchen
2014Constructions of new nonbinary quantum codesHu, Xueqin; Zhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong
2015Existence conditions for self-orthogonal negacyclic codes over finite fieldsLin, Liren; Liu, Hongwei; Chen, Bocong
2014New quantum MDS codesZhang, Guanghui; Chen, Bocong
2014A note on isodual constacyclic codesChen, Bocong; Dinh, Hai Q.
2015A note on the weight distribution of some cyclic codesLin, Liren; Chen, Bocong; Liu, Hongwei
2020Perfect state transfer on Cayley graphs over dihedral groups : the non-normal caseCao, Xiwang; Chen, Bocong; Ling, San
2015Polyadic Constacyclic CodesChen, Bocong; Dinh, Hai Quang; Fan, Yun; Ling, San
2014Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length 2ℓmpnChen, Bocong; Dinh, Hai Q.; Liu, Hongwei
2014Repeated-root constacyclic codes of length ℓps and their dualsChen, Bocong; Dinh, Hai Q.; Liu, Hongwei