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 2019Adaptive synchronization of multi-agent systems with resilience to communication link faultsChen, Ci; Xie, Kan; Lewis, Frank L.; Xie, Shengli; Fierro, Rafael
2019Optimal burn-in strategy for high reliable products using convolutional neural networkLyu, Yi; Gao, Junyan; Chen, Ci; Jiang, Yijie; Li, Huachuan; Chen, Kairui; Zhang, Yun
2019Optimal multi-objective burn-in policy based on time-transformed Wiener degradation processLyu, Yi; Zhang, Yun; Chen, Kairui; Chen, Ci; Zeng, Xianxian
2019Vision-based adaptive neural positioning control of quadrotor aerial robotZhang, Yun; Lyu, Yi; Lai, Guanyu; Chen, Ci