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2018Investigation of polyoxometalates and nanostructured carbon materials as electrode materials for energy storage applicationsChen, Han-Yi
2016Mechanism of Na+ Insertion in Alkali Vanadates and Its Influence on Battery PerformanceHartung, Steffen; Bucher, Nicolas; Franklin, Joseph B.; Wise, Anna M.; Lim, Linda Y.; Chen, Han-Yi; Weker, Johanna Nelson; Michel-Beyerle, Maria-Elisabeth; Toney, Michael F.; Srinivasan, Madhavi
 2014A polyoxovanadate as an advanced electrode material for supercapacitorsChen, Han-Yi; Wee, Grace; Al-Oweini, Rami; Friedl, Jochen; Tan, Kim Soon; Wang, Yuxi; Wong, Chui Ling; Kortz, Ulrich; Stimming, Ulrich; Srinivasan, Madhavi